Personal + The Pizzas (USA)

Three greasy goons from New Jersey who write rock ‘n roll songs about girls, partying and delinquency and have a penchant, nay a low down dirty obsession with pizza. Hell, there’s even pizzas courtesy of the band at their shows
when they can afford it. Described as “The Ramones and The Stooges recording an album in a pizza shop next door to CBGBs”, Personal
and the Pizzas serve it up red hot, smothered in good stuff, satisfaction guaranteed. It’s straight up, it’s simple and it’s the gonna hit the spot like an ice cold beer washing down a piece of pizza pie.
For two years now Personal And The Pizzas have been touring the world spreading their love of pizza and starting a cult following wherever they go. With a string of sold out 45’s and a brand new LP (Raw Pie) it’s time Australia experiences them in all their greasy glory!


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